Solar Panels:PV and Thermal

Solar Panels come in two varieties – the type that we call “Solar Electric”  and the type we call “Solar Thermal”.

Solar electric gets all the attention these days. it’s kind of “sexy” to put electric panels designed for spacecraft on your roof and be part of the future. Because there is no doubt that the future is green and clean. The point is for the householder “What makes sense now?”

Prices are coming down as the industrial capability to produce gears up. In particular China sees solar as it’s future and it’s awesome and growing industrial base is designing it’s development to Western – mostly American homes!

I’ll discuss much more of this later but for now there’s a great video presentation I came across by a solar industry expert. Get yourself something to drink because this is like a regular college lesson it’s nearly an hour long.

I’ll publish a summary of this soon so you can see at a glance if it’s worth your time!

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3 thoughts on “Solar Panels:PV and Thermal

  1. I really like the content on this site – I would love to connect with you about adding some of this information to my site on alternative financial solutions (under the real estate section). You offer a wealth of information here that I think would be valuable to my readers, as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Trish, I’m sure we can sort something out that will help both my readers and yours!

    All The Best


  3. me too Lily. I think Solar is what “Big Oil” and “Big Coal” are scared of. It is very interesting to me that China is leading the way in practical solar cell technology! China!

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