Solar Energy Basics

Solar Energy is the sunshine energy that powers the whole planet and drives the entire living Earth. Not surprisingly solar enrgy can be used to power lights, air conditiong units and just about any other electrical device we have at home…

And not just at home either.

The focus of  “Solar Panels for Home Use” is naturally going to be on solar panels that we use at home but there are small flexible solar panels you can take when backpacking which you can whip out and power your laptop with!

Solar can be used to cover your entire roof or you can just have a single panel – there’s no need to spend a fortune on installing a complete system which can give you all your home power.

Truth is if you do install a complete system you may be able to sell electricity to your local utility company. I’ve not gone that far – but I can easily imagine how enjoyable that would be.

Solar panels have come a long way and a lot of the money that has gone into the space race has been used to develop solar panel technology. We all expect satellites and space stations to have big panels sticking out but often we fail to notice that these are the solar panels powering the entire electrical system.

Space age technology is now here in the home and is saving loads of people money on their home bills and giving off grid people extra options and freedom

It does sound like science fiction – sunshine hits the solar panel and electricity comes out…

But this is science fact and it is free electricity once the panels are purchased…

…or built!

Alex the Solar Panels Guy

6 thoughts on “Solar Energy Basics

  1. i need to built solar panal and wind source electrisity for my home using home instrument please help.
    thnke you for your care and your concern
    Aman Kahsay 7238

  2. Aman, there’s no easy answer for your question! Solar and Wind energy are free but the solar panels and wind turbines you need can be expensive. The good news is that they are getting cheaper as production increases.

    You probably need a guide and there are several available. Here is one such guide The claims made by eBooks like this are probably rather optimistic but it makes a start on your research. Let me know what you think – if you buy it.

    All The Best


  3. Solar panels that used these early cells had an efficiency rating of about 6% which was first demonstrated in April of 1954. Today solar panels have dropped dramatically in cost and have efficiency ranging from about 6% for thin film technology and up to 18% for crystalline technology. Modern panels are used in home solar power applications and Commercial Solar applications as well as off grid solar power and RV solar power uses. Panels systems are even used to provide emergency power and for Solar powered air conditioning systems in homes and businesses.

  4. Thanks for your detailed comment. 18% is very impressive by the standards of the early cells. Very encouraging news. Tx

  5. Great to hear that you have decided to install Solar panels and take advantage of free clean energy. It is a learning curve and a shopping and construction project too. You have to decide whether or not to store the electricity your panel(s) will produce and that will add batteries to your shopping list. You do not have to put them on your roof – you can have them anywhere that is unshaded. You will need some training or a kit or a group for support. /you can get some free kindle books on solar which may help. Good luck with your project aman

  6. After that experience I decided arrived to look into backup power generators.
    In simple language, which means that objects and systems in the universe tend to degrade rather that to perform forever.
    * It’s friendly towards the environment, because it doesn’t
    produce any harmful things as well as doesn’t cause any pollution.

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