Earth Day 2014

All round the World today people are marking their appreciation of and commitment to the Earth. This celebration is ancient and also very modern for in most of the recent past the Earth and it's resources have been taken for granted, devalued, plundered and used with little or no respect for the environment and all its inhabitants.

The Earth is more than a set of resources and more than a complex ecosystem. Ultimately it is us; us and our neighbours and all we are connected to. When understood like this there is no possibility of polluting or exploiting the Earth – that would be like stealing from or cheating your own family.

The last few years we have seen much to appall and disappoint us – I'm not going to list a slew of environmental idiocies that have occurred, I want rather to say that there is much more reason to be optimistic and to expect more and more people to join in the Treehuggers and Green campaigners – perhaps not in lobbying lawmakers but in joining local projects they care about it.

The huge expansion in the use of solar panels is a part of this movement. We are in the middle of a historical shift as big as the Agrarian Revolution or the Industrial Revolution.

We are slowly shifting to Organic farming and away from industrial farming; we are moving to Natural medicines and away from pharmaceutical medicine and we are reducing our use of fossil fuels mined and distributed by gigantic worldwide corporations to using the power that comes from our own solar panels.

All these and other shifts are happening in their own time scale and seem slow to us and frustrating as we see each day go by with its own politics, set backs and reverses.

But the tide is turning and millions of people are building this new world; the multinationals and their tame politicians are not where the power lies and with each year they seem to have less ability to stop the change, the shift in consciousness that is happening all round the world.

Much left to do of course and sometimes it will seem that we are going backwards but this tide we are part of cannot be stopped. There are too many people involved and they are cooperating as never before.

It is harder for power brokers to go unobserved and easier for us to communicate and for our ideas to spread.

Lots to celebrate this Earth Day.

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