animals grazing in pastureAll of us are limited by our world view. Both the Climate change deniers and Green and Solar enthusiasts are limited in their own different ways.

As a physicist I have my own biases. I'll happily listen to solar and industrial drivers in Climate change and one thing I mostly ignore is biological drivers in nature.

Allen Savory trained as a biologist and worked in Africa and was confronted by desertification.

About now I would normally begin to zone out…

But I watched Savory's talk at TED and I now have a completely different understanding of the way that animals and the land and climate interact.

Mind you Allen Savory had his prejudices too – his opinion was that desertificati0on was due to overgrazing and bad management by the pastoral communities. He expected that National Parks organised by scientists like him would give the land a chance. He was shocked to find that his view informed by his biological knowledge was wrong.

This started a lifelong quest to find the truth…

Feel free to watch this a few times – Savory is a quiet and convincing speaker.

Please comment – how did the talk strike you?

The Savory Institute is here and thier Facebook page here

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