Solar And Environmentalism

Alex on June 10th, 2016

The various ways that Big Oil and Big Coal are trying to extend their useful life and indeed their profit stream are getting increasingly desperate. Carrying on burning their carbon is not an option in may people’s views but what if the exhaust gases can be captured? I think this is a pipe dream, at […]

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Alex on September 3rd, 2015

Here in the UK many solar projects come to a shuddering halt due to "NIMBY" opposition but in Germany people just seem to to "get" Solar. Here are some fascinating insights showing us the future

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Alex on August 29th, 2015

With the current government of Australia being so enthusiastic over fossil fuels a Future of zero Emissions may be regarded as a pipe dream. But there is a more optimistic appraisal right here

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Alex on July 15th, 2015

The Stella Lux is not a brand new design. Eindhoven University entered previous models in the trabs Australia race previously. But this year they have produced an upgrgade that can drive for more than 600 miles without stopping for a recharge. I think this is astounding and HAS to be the end of so called […]

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Alex on May 14th, 2015

A superb solar powered greenhouse and desalination project in arid South Australia. Free energy from the sun is the easy bit of the climate change challenge – how we get water and food is the next and harder piece of the puzzle. This innovative farm seems to have put all the pieces together and farmers […]

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Alex on March 26th, 2015

Her dream car had been specially designed so that wheelchair disabled people could just wheel straight in and drive away. The problem was the company who had produced this game changing technology had no finance to bring the invention to market. They needed some help and the lawyer needed that car…

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Alex on September 26th, 2014

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Alex on May 20th, 2014

We think nothing of seeing a roof covered with solar panels. It seems odd really to see a roof being wasted by not having solar panels. So where else is being wasted? Well of course the roads are not panelled – but they could be. Follow up video… Where else should we be using to […]

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Alex on April 22nd, 2014

All round the World today people are marking their appreciation of and commitment to the Earth. This celebration is ancient and also very modern for in most of the recent past the Earth and it's resources have been taken for granted, devalued, plundered and used with little or no respect for the environment and all […]

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Alex on January 30th, 2014

Today it is very cold here in the East of England and we've just heard that we've had the most rain for 100 years. You might wonder if the crazy weather in Alaska, California and Michigan has anything to do with Climate change and WHY if we have "Global Warming" – yes we do- is […]

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